Flagline 50k September 21st 2014 Registration will open January 2014!



Field for the 50k limited to 200 runners

Photos from the 2012Trailfest from Longrun photos




Start Times: 8am or 7am early start

This will be the fourth running of the Flagline 50k trail run. Runners will be treated to a long tour of Central Oregon’s high country trails with amazing views of the Three Sisters, Broken Top, and Mt. Bachelor. The course has some great mix of old growth pine and lodgepole forests, above treeline singletrack, a couple of stout climbs, and a creek to cool the feet. 5 aid stations fully stocked with food and drink to power you through your journey to finishing a challenging 50k run.

Once again the Flagline 50k will be part of the Oregon Trail Ultramaraton Series. for more info on this trail running series hit this LINK . Also new for this year is that the cut off has been extended to 8hrs.

Packet Pick up

Packet pick up will take place Saturday September 21st from Noon to 6pm at Footzone of Bend located at 842 NW Wall st in beautiful downtown Bend Oregon. Packets will also be available Sunday Morning before the race up at the Sunrise Lodge Parking area at Mt Bachelor.

Refund Policy A 50% refund will be issued via check up until August, 2nd 2012 for all races. After August 12th NO REFUNDS will be given.

Course Description

Course starts out with a net down from Dutchman Flat  to aid 1 with some great double and singletrack through some lodgepole forests that skirt Vista Butte on the way to Swampy Lakes Snow Park. After a quick stop at the aid station you will proceed through some of the Nordic trails to where you hang a left for the Flagline Trail. This is one of the hardest climbs on the course and will be a challenging run for the next 6 or so miles to Aid 2. Once you are through the second aid station you will proceed through some rolling single track that flirts with some great alpine glades, a creek crossing (feet wet) and great views for miles. At aid 3 you will start a dirt road decent down to the headwaters of Tumalo Creek. After crossing the creek (on a bridge) you will begin the toughest climb on the course for 3.5 miles back up to the aid station you just left. Enjoy the climb and all the little glades,  big ol’ trees, and more amazing views. After aid 4 your brain will get a break from sinlgetrack and be treated to one of the most beautiful dirt roads I have ever been on. Well the road itself is nothing special but the views from there are quite amazing. After your coast downhill we throw you right back in the woods and a short jog to the last aid station (aid 5). After topping off you get a rolling trail back to Mt. Bachelor. When you get back to Dutchman flat you will be guided out to cross Century Drive and finish via the dirt service road to finish Sunrise Lodge.

Time limit/Cut offs

Participants will have 7.5 hrs if they start at 8 or 8.5 with the 7am early start

Participants will need to be through Aid station 4 (mile 24) by 2:00pm.

What to Bring

Well this event has has experienced warmer than normal temperatures, winter storms and gigantic forest fires. I suggest finding a bag and putting every piece of clothing  you have that somehow relates to running in it. Jacket(s), multiple pairs of gloves, socks, tights, knickers, shorts, hats, warm hats, lots of shirts of varying sleeve length and insulation levels, and a waterproof drop bag to put at aid stations.

Directions to Mt. Bachelor’s Sunrise Lodge

Mt. B has taken care of directions. Check out the site HERE

Need a place to stay?

Check out Visit Bend for a complete list of lodging options.


Contact Dave at superdave@superfitproductions.com


This year the Flagline Trailfest will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the event to the Bend Endurance Academy. http://www.bendenduranceacademy.org/

Our mission is to promote healthy living through active, outdoor experiences. We emphasize teamwork, personal growth and community responsibility.


2011 updated map

2011 updated map














 2013 Participant list

Larry    Abraham
Roman    Adcock
Michele    Africa
Clyde The Glide    Aker
Lucas    Alberg
Martin    Albers
Kelly    Albers
Christopher    Allan
Emily    Allan
Doug    Altilio
Mallory    Anderson
Dan    Anderson
David    Arnold
Neil    Baker
Shane    Baker
Cassidi    Bemrose
Derek    Bemrose
Candice    Benshoof
Anna    Bergman
Brad    Bergman
Murray    Biddulph
John    Bleicher
Richard    Brass
Peter    Brewer
Tor    Brown
Joe    Bruner
Jennifer    Callans
Ellisa    Capraro
Nick    Capraro
Jordan    Carey
Kelley    Chaffee
Dave    Cieslowski
Stephanie    Coleman
Joel    Connors
Kelly    Davis Martin
Erin    Devlin
David    Dickson
Pam    Downs
Brandon    Drake
Michael    Duddington
Seth    Duncan
Jerry    Duncan
Sather    Ekblad
Eb    Engelmann
Clay    Eppler
Kraig    Erickson
Anne    Esposito
Amy     Farkas
Jason    Fedchak
John    Fiore
Patrick    Flanagan
Denise    Fleming-Williams
Rebecca    Franklin
Mike    Fuentes
Sharon    Gamroth
Robert    Ganey
Josh    Gibson
Pablo    Gonzalez
Win    Goodbody
Lanny    Gower
Danuta    Greblowska
Todd    Grover
Emily    Halnon
Dan    Harshburger
Dave    Heald
John    Hufsmith
Drew    Ibarra
Chris    Jackson
Kathleen    Jacob
Paul    Jaffray
Jenny    Johnson
Andy    Jones
Jeffrey    Jones
Ryan    Keene
Becka    Kem
Julie    Khapoya
Dana    Kirkwood-Watts
Bruce    Knowlton
Cort    Koenig
Juliana    Korver
Amanda    Kremer
Clem    Lacava
Lucian    Latcu
Drew    Lesch-Wragge
Terri    Libert
Ben Raymond    Lode
Lynn    Longan
Justin    Loveland
Karli    Luksch
Nancy    MacInnis
John    Maestas
Ryan    Manies
Tobin    Marsh
Teresa    Mason
Vince    Mazzuca
Ivy    Mcgowan
Christopher    Mcmillen
Eric    Mcmurtry
Lori    Melton
Rachel    Miller
Caleb    Miller
Dinah    Millikin
John    Millikin
Toralf    Mjelde
Dan    Moeller
Dave    Molenaar
Danica    Montgomery
Sharahya    Montgomery
Erin    Mulkey
Carrie    Myerson
Curt    Mykut
Kirk    Mylander
Cindy    Naffziger
Matt    Nahorniak
Jerry    Nowak
Bryan    Ochoa
James    Oliphant
Roert    O’ryan
Jeremy    Peters
Karen    Peterson
Jackie    Peterson
Eric    Plantenberg
Mitchell    Pollak
Whitnie    Ray
Meghan    Reardon
Bryan    Reichert
Kaine    Robertson
Ilisa    Rooke-Ley
John    Roper
Matthew    Rounds
Scott    Rowley
Paul    Scherlie
Kathryn    Schjei
Pete    Seashols
Andy    Silver
Shawn    Sinclair
Daniel    Smith
Kevin    Smith
Erik    Soreng
John    Spencer
Bethany    Spiller
Heather    Stadnisky
Isaac    Storm
Zack    Strong
Colleen    Sullivan
Peter    Surgent
Lindsay    Swan
Arcellus    Sykes
Tom    Taylor
Amy    Tice
Chelsea    Town
David    Uri
Jesse    Waas
Dan    Walters
Christopher    Weller
Chris    Westover
Evan    Wight
Brad    Willis
Mark    Wright
Brian    Yarbrough
Andrew    Zapp
Lisa    Zauner